A Million Dollars

While rummaging through the storage closet I found this:

"If I had a million dollars I would buy an American Girl I like them a lot.  Then I would buy a horse because i love any kinds of horses.  then I would give the rest of my money to my family, Caden my little brother and my Mom and Dad.  I love them a lot." 
by C. F.  4th Grade

awwwh...  I remember it well.  I was sitting at a little round table at Parent/Teacher Conferences.  The teacher, all prim and proper; in her nicely pressed dress, every button buttoned and her lace collar just so.  Of course she went on and on about my "little angle".  I remember watching her lips move as she spoke these poetic words.  Oh my, I thought to myself, she must have me confused with another mom.  Surely this is a mistake.  I have to stop her before she goes on any further.  But how? 

The teacher must have sensed my confusion and asked me politely asked me if I had any questions.  I told her that as much as I would like to agree with her, I just don't see the similarities in my child.  Are we talking about C. F.?  She giggled and reassured me that we were talking about my child. 

Back then I didn't realize that your kids act one way at home and another elsewhere...at times.  *lol!* 

Anywho...I Love Love Love this short little ditty that my daughter wrote back in her wild days, back when I was a sceerd, sceerd fly by the seat of your pants kinda mom.  This picture, and my daughter, on good days & not so good days... makes me all warm ~n~ fuzzy inside. 

Sooo............with that said...

being the season of giving & all...

What would YOU do with a million dollars?

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