Reflections of Me

Just the other day I read this blog post at Blissfully Domestic, "How To Take Great Self Portraits".  I'm always the one taking the pictures at my house and hardly ever make it into our pictures.  I'm sure it's a common trait in many a household.  Anyhoo...she, Ivey League Mama, has come up with a clever and fun way to take self portraits.  Reflections.   

You Bet!  I grabbed my camera and headed straight for the closest bathroom...lol!  Now, these are just staight out of the camera mind you, nothin fancy ...just havin a little fun.

The Far Far Away Pic:

The top half of my head pic:

The Tippy Top of my Head Pic:

...and so on

...and so on

...and so on

*Note to self:  Next time use a bathroom with better lighting!*

It's fun.  You should try it!  Just like anything else, it's gonna take some practice.  Enjoy yourself and share Your self portraits with me...mmmk!?!

Ta-Ta fer now my Sweets!

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  1. I always find it easier to be behind the camera than in front of it!


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