A Little Winey

Confession: I like to have a glass of wine while I’m cooking dinner. I just like it. I don’t know how or why this started, and it doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s a relaxing pleasure of mine. I enjoy the flavor, the smell and the relaxing slow sips of goodness.

Last night while cooking dinner for my family I went to open a bottle of wine and this happened…

“Grrrr!”  The cork literlly crumbled and broke in half.
Big Daddy came to my rescue. He tried every fancy maneuver he could think of. First he tried using the cork screw again, like I hadn’t already done that!?! O_o Anywhooo…then he tried poking a knife in there. I honestly don’t know what or how he did what he did because I was making dinner, but there were pieces of cork in the sink and a chunk of cork in the bottle. But. He did it! He’s the man!

That’s not all folks.

He then took a strainer and a coffee filter and poured the wine through the filter to get rid of the cork parts. He then rinsed out the wine bottle, somehow removed the chunk o' cork, got a funnel and put the wine back INTO to the wine bottle and gave it back to me. *Yeah!* He did all this for littli ol' me.

*jill was happy and blushing like the wine*

I was so very happy. I got my favorite wine glass and started to pour... mmmm...My mouth was watering with anticipation. Yummyness in a bottle, and now in my glass.


It.  Was.  Gross!

I was so mad!

We had to pour out the whole bottle.
I Love You Honey!!! XOXO!!!

So my question is this…”What do you do when the cork breaks off in the bottle? How do you get it out?”


  1. Awe what a sweety he was for doing that! Maybe he thought you needed the wine because then he would benefit from it later, wink wink!

    So glad I have someone to commiserate after our Thanksgiving with the in-laws. Maybe we could pretend we are sick and meet up somewhere. I'm in Iowa! I so wouldn't mind the quarters and a gift card, glad you agree!!


    Now following you!

  2. oh no!! These are the best stories though down the road :)

  3. Hahaha. This has happened to me, along with the sequence of events you partook in afterwards (coffee filter, nasty wine- down the drain). I was so mad because it was an expensive bottle that we had been saving!!

    PS, LOVED your messages today. So happy to have you.

  4. What a sweet guy! Too bad the bottle was no good :(


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