No use crying over blood & gore

I stood in the costume aisle with my son looking for blood and gore...yes blood. He is ten years old and absolutely hates scary movies of any kind, to be left alone in a room or the the dark. Seems the boys at school are giving him a hard time because he had mentioned wanting to be Optimus Prime for Halloween. Evidently if you don't dress up with blood & guts you're not cool. Kids can be so mean.

I knew this day would come, but did it have to come so soon? I wanted him to stick to his guns and be true to himself. It's a learning experience, I know. My heart is breaking. Where did the little boy go who, in his mind, really WAS the character he was dressing up as. Where was my little Woody,

Teenage Ninja Turtle, Spiderman,

Batman and

Anakin Skywalker?

I fought back the tears as I purchased blood and gore. This, to me, was the same as the day I went to give him a goodbye kiss and he took a step back not wanting his friends to see. It's the same as having the kids clean out their toybox and finding Woody at the top of the donate bag.

We'll get through it. Ok, I'll get through it...it's just gonna hurt a for a while.

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