Roadmap to Success

Little brother had the opportunity to give wrestling a try this season. He didn’t win any championships or go to state, but he did stick with it and gave it his all. He improved with time and hard work, got in shape, and I think he even surprised himself.
Wrestling is balance, agility, hand-eye coordination, flexibility, positioning, strength, speed, footwork, hustle, mental focus, mental toughness, core strength, concentration, and endurance.
As a mom it’s hard to watch your child get thrown like a hay bale. It’s hard to sit back and let them learn to figure things out for themselves. It’s also an enormous joy when one day, like someone flipped a switch, they come out on top. I couldn’t be more proud. I am his biggest fan!

I’m so glad he gave it a try. He walked off that mat with self-confidence, work ethic, respect, humility and a roadmap to success.

I guess that makes me on official "wrestling mom", huh?!
Well, I accept, wholeheartedly.


Dad's First Half Marathon

We got up nice and early Sunday morning. 
Big Daddy was running in his very first Half Marathon. 
What a beautiful morning.
The sun was shining, for a while anyway. 

Aunt Gayle ran in the race too.
She's a Rock Star!
This military guy ran while carrying 100 pounds.
I don't know why.
But we waited at the finish line to cheer for him.
He looks pretty darn good for having just done all that! 

The kids enjoyed being there cheering for their dad.

"What I learned today.. Running is hard, doesn't matter your age.. it takes physical training, a proper diet, discipline, a good support system, and a whole lot of inner strength. Runners really earned my respect today.. Congrats to all of those who call themselves runners!!"    ~Big Daddy

We're proud of you Dad.
Let go home and get ready for the next one.
err...ugh...Let's EAT!


Today I am Thankful

Today at Baker University we're wearing our running shoes as a way of honoring the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Doing our small part to advocate the path of Running Towards Peace.

This tragedy hits too close to home for us.
Our neighbors, both teachers, were there running in the marathon.

My heart hit the floor like a lead weight when I heard the news.
I can't imagine the fear their family was going through, the fear of their students!

Read more details Here and Here.

They are home.
And okay. 
Both returning to work today.
Good GOOD news!

I've got even MORE good news!

Remember our friend Molly? 
If you don't know about Molly, go read her story Here and Here.

She returned to school today!

She's only going two days a week for now.
Little by little she's getting back into the swing of things.

Photo Credit: Allison Ogden
All she's been talking about, even when she couldn't speak, was to be back with her friends.
I hope it was everything she anticipated it to be, and more.
I am so very happy for the Molly Ogden family!

So yes.
Today, I am thankful.


Instagram Friday

It's been an interesting week. 
We've experienced every season in the past 5 days. 
We've had the heat, air conditioner, and the heat back on again. 
We've been in shorts and flip flops one day, and sweaters the next. 
I'm hookin' up with Jeannett over at Life Rearranged.
It's fun to see what everyone's been up to all week.
Are you on Instagram?  Come find me, I'm Jill Franklin aka: 4 Fab Franklins
See ya there!

life rearranged



Easter Wit' Ma Peeps

We've been patiently waiting the arrival of Spring.
So much so that we made a stop at Sonic for drinks.
Nothing says summer like Sonic!

Easter Sunday was absolutely Beautiful!
The sun was shining, the sky was blue, and the birds were singing. 
Kind of like in Snow White when all the animals sing.

We had smoked ham, homemade mac & cheese, green beans, and it just wouldn't be Easter without my very own deviled eggs....and pineapple upside down cake for desert. 
It was soooo good!

We had a guest join us for dinner.  Her name is Gloria and she's a Baker student. 
She is beautiful, talented, nice, wonderful, loving, caring, creative, smart ....I could just go on and on about this girl.  

Anyway...Gloria recently went to England.
I wanted to hear all about it.

Baker University offers a fantastic Study Abroad Program.
The most popular is the Harlaxton program in Grantham, England.
Students live and study for a semester in a Victorian manor.
Immersing themselves in British history, literature, political theory and business.

Photo Credit: Baker University
Isn't it dreamy?
I would LOOOOVE to go there someday.

I really wanted to hear all about her experience.
I really Really wanted my kids to hear first hand about it.

After listening to Gloria, Carody now seems to have the next few years planned out.
Or at least she's begining to think about her choices.
I think the wheels started turning in Caden's head too.
It would absolutely BLOW My Mind if my kids got to do this.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After dinner, and lots & lots of stories, we got some pics with the Grandma's.

Granny Jo.
Grandma Di.

And the kids.
 ...and the kids being kids.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Carody had her Spring Choir Concert at school.
This cute little gal is her BFF from always...McKayla.
They've been friends ever since they started school.
I like that.
It's been a real treat watching them grow up together.

Enjoy your weekend.
I hope the weather is beautiful and you can get outside.
Take lots of pictures and share them with me.  K!?



re{collection} Monday ...the snowy spring eddition

My weekend captured through Instagram.

Caden turned 13 last week.
He had some friends over and they went to Sky Zone, a trampoline playing field.
They had a GREAT time. 

How to make a boy happy: Pizza - Trampolines - Cake! 
Easy Peasy.
In addition to cinnamon rolls, I made some yogurt parfaits for breakfast.
Didn't know if the boys would really eat them, but wanted them to have something a little more healthy.
They've had A Lot of sugar in the last 24 hours!

Survey says: 
2 - Yes and 2 - No.
My breakfast.
Just as I got the last boy home, it started to snow.
A lot.
Neither myself nor my kids are fond of cold.
Or snow.
So on days like today, we clean.
Hey, it needed it and it doesn't take long, then the rest of the day is down time.
Sissy's room is clean!
I can actually see the floor.
How long do you think it will stay this way?
The view as I cleaned the kitchen.
The view as I vacuumed the stairs.
...and the view as I got another cup of coffee.
About 7:00 the sky started to clear and the sun tried to come out.
Not for long though.
You know when your husband is the handy man and your house is always the last to get any attention?
That's how it is at my house when it snows.
Big Daddy comes home and clears the snow when he's done with everyone else.
Maisy and Mitsy are so excited to see him!
He's been out all night pushing snow,
and Maisy has missed him.
She loves her daddy and her cuddle time.

It's Monday and I'm a working gal ya know.
Gotta get this work week started.
I'm off.
Enjoy your day!
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